1.Growing up on the streets of Brooklyn, New York, he and his best friend, James ‘Bucky’ Barnes, had gotten into their fair share of fights.他和巴基一起在纽约布鲁克林的街区长大,一起打架惹事。
  2.But it was usually Bucky who managed to keep them safe.但通常是巴基来负责保护他们俩的安全的。
  3.His parents had both died when he was young, and his friend , Bucky, had already enlisted and was being shipped off the next day.史蒂夫的父母在他很小的时候就死了,他的朋友,巴基,明天就要出发去战场了。(这里写的是史蒂夫的心理,前文是史蒂夫在想即使他死了也没有人会缅怀他,因为父母双亡,而巴基也即将离开他)
  4.Steve opened his eyes, which he had shut in anticipation of the punch, and smiled. He knew that voice. Bucky had arrived.史蒂夫睁开了刚刚以为自己会被打而闭上的眼睛,然后笑了。这个声音他很熟悉,是巴基来了。
  5.With a swift kick, Bucky sent the other guy running out of the alley.巴基很快就把这个家伙打倒,把他赶出了巷子。
  6.Making his way over Steve. Bucky helped him to his feet. 走到史蒂夫的面前,巴基把他扶起来。
  7.As he did, Bucky noticed a small piece of paper sticking out of the pocket. Pulling it out, he stifled a groan. It was another recruitment slip. He knew how much his friend wanted to be a soldier, but he also knew that it was probably not going to happen .正当史蒂夫整理自己的衣服的时候,巴基看到了一张纸的一角从史蒂夫的口袋里露了出来。那是一张招兵简章。他知道史蒂夫有多想成为一个士兵,但他同时也知道那可能不会实现的。
   8.And while Bucky would never say anything out loud, it sort of mad. True , he wanted to help his country win the war. But he was going to be shipped out tomorrow, and he was nervous. He didn’t know what to except across the ocean, and a part of him wished he had the same excuse Steve did. 还有巴基永远也不会宣之于口的是,他虽然也很想帮美国打赢这场战争,但他明天就要出征了,他很紧张。他不知道大洋彼岸等待着他的是什么,而他甚至有一点想像史蒂夫那样有个合理的理由逃避。
   9.Sighing , he handed the slip of paper back to Steve.“Tell me you didn’t try to enlist again ?”he asked.  巴基叹着气把纸还给史蒂夫,他问道“不要告诉我你又一次跑去参军了。”      
      10.Steve shrugged. “My day will come, Bucky,”he said, his voice full of determination. Bucky couldn’t possibly understand what it was like to be him. Even now, standing in the dirty alley ,Bucky looked like a hero—some thing Steve could never be.史蒂夫耸了耸肩。“我的时代会到来的,巴基。”巴基是不可能知道像自己这样是什么感觉的。即使是现在,站在这个破旧的小巷,巴基也仍然像个真正的英雄那样,这是史蒂夫永远做不到的。(后来史蒂夫的时代到来了,可是没有了巴基。)
    11.Seeing the sadness in Steve’s eyes, Bucky decided to drop the subject.巴基看到史蒂夫眼睛里的悲伤,他决定先跳过这个话题。
    12.Steve raised a curious eyebrow. Bucky wanted to go to the fair? Now ? Shrugging , he followed his friend out of the alley . Maybe going to see an exhibition about “to tomorrow”would help him forget all about today.史蒂夫好奇地扬起了眉毛。巴基想要去展览?现在吗?他耸着肩跟着他的朋友走出了巷子。或许去看一看这个“明日世界展览”会让他忘记今天的不愉快。(巴基为了让史蒂夫开心一点,所以想带他去)
    13.A few hours later, Bucky and Steve made their way onto the fairgrounds. At some point, Bucky had managed to find what two young ladies to accompany them and was busy  trying to get Steve talking with one of them.几个小时后,巴基和史蒂夫来到了展览会上。同时巴基还找到了两位淑女同他们一道,巴基还忙着想让史蒂夫跟他们搭上话。(巴基哥哥是真的好)
    14.Making their way to further into the fair, Steve and Bucky noticed a commotion over to one side.他们走进展览场地,史蒂夫和巴基注意到另一边有点热闹。
    15.Turning to say something to Steve , Bucky noticed that his friend was no longer by his side. Even Steve’s date didn’t know where he had gone . Sighing, Bucky went to look for him.巴基想转过来跟史蒂夫说话,却发现史蒂夫已经没有在他的身边了。就连史蒂夫的约会对象也不知道他去哪里了。
    16.He found Steve standing in front of the one nonfuturistic pavilion in the entire fare, the US Army recruitment pavilion. It looked empty. No one wanted to think about the war now, not when they could think about all the amazing things the future held. No one but Steve Rogers. He stood staring at the tent , enraptured.巴基在一个与展览主题无关的帐篷前找到了史蒂夫,是美军征兵的帐篷。那里非常冷清。这样的夜晚没人愿意去想与战争有关的事,他们都在欣赏这个未来展览里的神奇的东西。史蒂夫没有,他站在那里着迷地凝视着那个帐篷。
    17.“You are really going to do this now?”Bucky asked, walking over to stand next to him.?“I’m going to try my lucky,” Steve said ,nodding.“As who?”Bucky said, his voice harsh.“Steve from Ohio? They will catch you, or worse, they’ll actually take you. ”“你非要现在想这种事情吗?”巴基走到史蒂夫身边问他。“我在努力让幸运眷顾我。”史蒂夫耸着肩回答。“这次又是什么身份?俄亥俄州来的史蒂夫吗?他们会会把你抓起来的,或者更糟,他们真的让你参战!”巴基的声音甚至变得有些冷酷,他质问着史蒂夫。
      18.That was it. Bucky had had enough. He was leaving for England tomorrow, and his best friend in the world wouldn’t take the night off to have a dance or two.就是这样。巴基受够了。他明天就要去英国战场了,而他这世界上最好的朋友却不愿意陪他共度这个夜晚,也不想去跳一两只舞。
      19.It was the first time Bucky had ever voiced his fears about Steve fighting in the war. Steve was taken aback by his friend’s honesty.这是巴基第一次把他对于史蒂夫参军的恐惧宣之于口。巴基说的残忍现实打击到了史蒂夫。
    20.“This isn’t a back-alley scrap, Steve,”Bucky continued , his voice softening “It’s the war. The war we cant lose. This is the one that counts—and I mean to be counted.”“这不像你在胡同里跟人打架,史蒂夫,”巴基继续说着,他的声音软了下来,“这是战争,是不能输的战争,这是真的在计数的,我是说,会有人牺牲的。”
    21.Steve took a step toward the tent, and Bucky put a hand on his arm . “come on,”he said. “It’s my last night.”史蒂夫往帐篷那里走了一步,然后巴基拉住了他的胳膊,“别这样,这是我最后一晚了”他说。
   22.His friend turned and Gave him a wry smile. There was nothing Bucky could say or do that would convince Steve to leave that pavilion. Holding out his hand, he and Steve shook. It was time to say good-bye.史蒂夫转过去给了他一个惨淡的笑容。巴基没法说服史蒂夫不要进去。他还拉着史蒂夫,他们抱了一下。是时候说再见了。
     23.Bucky watched his friend go, his heart heavy. He hoped, for Steve’s sake , that he would get what he wanted . he just wasn’t convinced that when Steve got it, it would make him happy.巴基看着他的朋友走进去,他的心情很沉重。他希望史蒂夫能实现他的愿望。他只是不知道如果史蒂夫真的参军了,他是否会开心。
   24.There was a part of Steve that knew he was being ridiculous. How many more times could he fail? And it was Bucky’s last night.史蒂夫知道自己有一点可笑。他还要再失败多少次才够?而且这还是巴基的最后一晚了。
   25.He couldn’t believe it .After all this time, he was actually in the army. His luck had changed . Just like he told Bucky it would.他无法相信,他终于真的参军了。他总算有点运气了,就像他跟巴基说的那样。(巴基哥哥不在场被cuex1)
   26.Was Bucky right when he said the biggest danger would come if someone did let him in? What if this was all some sort of joke? Maybe when he got out side he’d see  Bucky  laughing.难道巴基说的是对的吗?有人放他进军队才是最大的危险。会不会这一切只是一个玩笑?或许他一出去就能看到巴基嘲笑他。(这里是史蒂夫得到厄金斯博士的批准后,觉得一切都不太真实。巴基哥哥不在场被cuex3)
   27.For the first time since the night of the exhibition, his thought drifted to Bucky and to their misspent youth on the main streets of Brookly.,从那个博物馆的夜晚之后,他的思绪又回到了和巴基一起在布鲁克林的街区度过的少年时光。(这里是史蒂夫和佩吉一起前往实验室的路上回忆自己的从前,巴基哥哥被cuex4)
   28.If Bucky were here right now , Steve thought, he’d tell me ,“I told you so.”如果巴基现在在这里一定会跟他说,“你看,我早就跟你说过了。”(这是史蒂夫得知自己的改造还要接受电力和激光的冲击,他又想到了巴基。巴基被cuex5)
   29.The 107th was Bucky’s unit. And he hadn’t been in the audience. Steve felt panic grip him. Had Bucky been captured? Or worse?107步兵团是巴基在的军团的编号。可自己还没有亲眼看到过巴基战斗的样子啊!史蒂夫已经被恐惧所包围了。巴基会不会被俘虏?甚至更糟?
  30.Steve paled. Bucky had died fighting while Steve had been playing a clown. It wasn’t fair.史蒂夫满脸苍白。在他像个小丑一样到处表演的时候,巴基却战死了,这不公平。
  31.Not anymore. He’d figure out a way to get to that facility. He had to. He owed it to Bucky.不,他再也不想像现在一样无所作为了。他要找到那个基地,他必须要,这是他欠巴基的。
   32.“Bucky?”he said softly. Their was a moment of silence and then, “Who…who is that?” Steve raced over and crouched down in front of the cage. Bucky was inside! He was beaten and grizzled, but he was alive. With one mighty swing, Steve smashed the lock. Then he held out his hand. “It’s me, Buck.”“巴基?”他轻轻地喊道。屋子里突然安静了,“谁,谁在那里?”一个声音响起,史蒂夫冲过去蹲在笼子面前。巴基在里面!他被俘虏和折磨,但他还活着。史蒂夫狠狠地把锁砸烂,然后扶住巴基“巴克,是我。”



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